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Environmental Impact Assessment



Environmental Permitting



Environmental Planning and Management



Fisheries Research and Management



Hydrogeological Studies



Environmental Site Assessment



Risk Assessment






Air Quality Assessement



Environmental Auditing



Waste Management



Watershed Management








  • Fisheries Resources Management
  • Fish Population Studies
  • Fish Habitat Research and Assessment
  • Fish Habitat Restoration/Compensation
  • Recreational Fisheries Development
  • Restoration/Creation of Salmon Pools
  • Watercourse Protection Training
  • Wetlands Evaluations
  • Electrofishing and Fish Rescue


Fisheries Enhancement

Fisheries Enhancement. Deflector installed for protection and modification of stream hydrology to enhance pool location, and Environmental Monitoring in N.B.


Fisheries Enhancement

Fisheries Enhancement, Compensation and Monitoring, N.B. and N.S. (Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Project)


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring for fisheries resources, land clearing and development. (CFB Gagetown, N.B., DND)


Salmon Pool Restoration

Salmon pool restoration in N.B. (Private Developer)


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